Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exploring the surrounding area

On Saturday I decided to look around the village and see some of the sights. I woke up around 10 a.m and made my way into town. It was desolate at this time but I was told by Brigitte and Jane that the town runs on tourism dollars. Their are a lot of hotels and restaurants to stay and dine at. Their are also houses for rent during the tourist season. The tourist have not arrived yet so things are quite. I walked around until I found a nice spot to read my book. I headed back to the castle around 12:00 and was invited by Brigitte to walk Lila and Gena, Cleo came along to. We walked through Dorf Tirol into a large apple orchard that eventually led to one of the many trails in the surrounding area. We then took this trail down to a river that separates Dorf Tirol and the next town over.
A tree that was on the side of the trail
Stream headed towards the river Some flowers on the side of the trail Trail sign A view from the neighboring town The river at the bottom of the valley Bridge over the river A road that was built long ago when the Romans ruled the land Jane and Brigitte leading Gena and Lila Rows and rows of apple trees. The South Tirol region produces a lot of apples that are sent around the world A green house The view from where I was reading my book Brunnenburg

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