Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring has sprung in the Dorf

Unfortunately this past week I lost the use of my camera due to my own negligence. I awoke Wednesday morning realizing that I left my camera outside the night before. I went to where I left it. Everything seemed ok but then I discovered something had happened and the lens would not open. With my camera out of commission, the survival of this blog and my internship were at stake. I tried various things to fix the camera but to no avail, I had to search for a new one.
The great "Olympus Stylus". This camera has lasted me for two years after I received it as a gift for Christmas.
One of the first pictures taken with my camera was over 2 years ago. This is a picture of the tree in front of my house
First picture taken with new camera of Nik and Jane. We were getting coffee in Meran
Spring is slowly making its way in our little valley. The birds are singing and the plants are starting to put out flowers. You can hear the bees buzzing around. Spring brings warmer weather and more day light. Today it happen to be daylight savings time and the clocks sprung forward 1 hour. Spring brings a different mood to people, animals and the environment and I am happy to welcome it. Today I decided to try out my new camera and get a feel for it. The students also decided to grill some food. The following pictures are all from today of the students and the flora and fauna.
The valley below/Meran
Tim, Emma, Jacqueline
Grilling goodness
Robbie serving Mitch
Mitch, Emma, Jacqueline
Grilled tomatoes and mushrooms on a bun
Eating the delicious food
Jane and Brigitte
Veggies to be grilled
These next two shots were shot with a mutli-shot option. The camera takes a whole bunch of shots in a 5 second period. It allowed me to get these interesting shots of Jordan, Spencer and Robbie tossing the frisbee around.
Bee pollinating. You could hear a loud buzzing coming from this tree because of all the bees around it
Hackie sacking
Students reading for class tomorrow
Jordan, shot with the retro setting on my camera
African chickens
Two ducks getting a drink of water
Stairs going to the terrace outside the familie's home and also the boiler.
Fountain that Mitch cleaned up during work day
Ezra Pound statue
Fire below the grill
Part of the vineyard that we finished pruning this week
Pruned vines
Students stacked wood outside croft
This path was covered with dirt, rubble, and concrete chunks. At the end of the path there was a big pile of ash from the boiler. Two students, Ali and Jacqueline, did a really good job cleaning up the whole area.
They also raked up leaves in this garden
We built a rabbit cage from an art piece that was donated to Brunnenburg. Ezra Pound was imprisoned in a cage that was similar to this one for his radical political views. Rabbits dig and were escaping from there other cage.
Side-view from the outside
Inside cage

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